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Alden Richards hindi na nakatiis, binati On Air si Maine Mendoza sa Sunday PinaSaya!

The phenomenal star Maine Mendoza and the Pambansang bae Alden Richards has been separated for a while after the controversial released of the open letter wrote by mine Mendoza on her personal blog sites. We know that they really missed each other and that is why the Pambansang Bae Alden Richards cannot help but greet the phenomenal star on air. The greetings of Alden Richards on air to Maine Mendoza was tweeted by AlDub nation @menggalurks
"..and kay Maine of course"- @aldenrichards02 Congrats daw sa Anak TV award mo, @mainedcm"

Many AlDub nation members are happy for what Alden Richards id. It shows only that she doesn't forget the phenomenal star. AlDub Nation @sanagustinrowe1 is one of the happy AlDub Nation members for what Alden did on air.
"May vid ba kasi ndi ako nanood, masaya na ako na grett niya thank you @aldenrichards02 @mainedcm Maichard Pa Rin" 
Many AlDub nation members are expecting for the greetings and congratulating Maine Mendoza. They are very happy and fulfilling upon hearing the greetings of the Pambansang bae, Alden Richards. AlDub nation @MaiDenFever _expected the greetings of Alden Richards
"Nag expect din ako. Di ako binigo ni mallows...."

The AlDub nation knows that the name of Maine Mendoza was included in the prompter to greet her but the one that highlighted the greeting was the word"Of Course". It shows that the phenomenal star Maine Mendoza is very special and important for Alden Richards. AlDub nation was emotionally touched when Alden Richards mention the name of the phenomenal star Maine Mendoza on his greetings to the winners of the Anak TV awards. Both of them is one of the winners in the recent Anak TV awards. AlDub nation family is very proud for both of you for the awards you receive from the Anak TV awards.

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